Things and Stuff

As I continue to come up with and discard ideas in the same breath, I'm curious about what I used to think about before the lockdown started. It's weird to try and take my mind off of the only thing that is actually going on, subsequent to a radio silence about everything else. 
I've been having so much trouble trying to think of something to write about, that guilt has seeped in and taken a place among other thoughts. It's difficult not to feel guilty when you see yourself going through each day with no adequate work or productivity to hold to your name. Nonetheless, motivation has a way of hitting you in the head every now and then. Now that I have all the time in world to notice each and everything around me, I realise how beautifully light moves through the house all day long. As I try to get a hold of that, I realised two things: one, accidently coming across potential good shots is very exciting to me; two, I have really pretty hands.

Now I can't say I had much to say even when I tried to begin writing this post, but it's fun to be able to able to write every thought that crosses my mind. Of course I wouldn't want to just upload pictures, I do want them to be accompanied by my chain of thoughts. What I didn't consider was how tough it would be to try and write on a regular basis.

Getting away from what I can't seem to do and actually talking about what I am doing, I have finally started reading again. I was considering writing reviews -given my obvious expertise, of course- which would not only keep me on track to continue reading, but also give me a challenge to try and boil down absolute classics into some paragraphs of opinionated wonder.